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This book explains in detail the technical and physical basics of gas discharge lamps in particular arc and flash lamps for solid state-laser excitation. Basics from line and continuum radiation, electrode and plasma physics to electrode mechanism are discussed in the book.

Measurements and calculations of anode and cathode temperature, cathode fall, heat creation and efficiency are presented. Spot and diffuse arc attachment at the electrodes are considered. Practical and empirical approximations are given for lamp voltage current characteristic, ignition voltage, electrode calculation and life time considerations. Examples to solve realistic problems, experimental results and pictures are included.

Most of the considered topics in the book sections do not hold only for laser lamps. The principles apply to all related discharge lamps such as simple flash lamps for photography, cinema and video projectors, flash lamps for disinfecting systems, lamps for water treatment, stroboscopic lamps or high intensity discharge (HID) lamps used for industrial and street lighting.

From the contents:

Arc Attachment, Radiation, Electron Emission, Work Function, Coverage, Plasma Regions, Electrode Heat Balance, Dispenser Cathodes, Electrode Operating Modes, Electrode Temperature, Operation, Scaling Rules, Ignition, Simmer Mode Operation, Voltage-Current Characteristic, Transient Operation, Design and Production, Measuring and Analyzing Methods.

Table of Contents (PDF)

(2008) 280 pages, About 120 figures, 40 pictures, 60 tables, 40 examples, 200 references
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